Sils, but, many with chiari can have additional  issues and  an auto immune thyroid condition is highly possible as well as issues with her sugar levels as the pituitary gland can get compressed and this can cause all types of issues. Swallowing issues again can be chiari and thyroid... So this deff needs to be looked at closer. are there natural alternatives to viagra   with the stomach issues, does she have ibs? buy viagra cheap     "selma" reply sassy123111   dec 17, 2011 no she does not have ibs.... She just drinks  a lot..... No diabetes either.... We will def. Look more into this. Could her low lying tonsils become lower? buy viagra She had an ct scan in jan of this yr. buy cheap viagra And nothing was found on it. But her mri last week showed the borderline low cerebellar tonsils... Thanks again for all of your helpful information. Reply selmas   dec 17, 2011 to: sassy123111   it is possible the tonsils could herniate further, it could be a slow gradual increase in size or it could be quick.... It all depends on her activity.... cheap viagra There is a list of activities to avoid to help avoid symptoms and herniation. As i mentioned, it is whether or not she also has a csf obstruction, not the size of the herniation....   i asked about ibs due to her stomach pains.... Does she have reflux?   deff get copies of hte mri and ct so they can be compared... And try to keep her from bumping her head... viagra coupon Or getting josseled around. Reply sassy123111   dec 18, 2011 no she does not have reflux..... viagra buy japan It could be gas:) so when her cerebellar is lying low.. Is that a herniation??   i'm new to all this... So i don't know a whole lot about it. Thanks again. buy viagra canada Reply selmas   dec 18, 2011 to: sassy123111   yes, but too many drs use a certain size herniation to consider it an issue, most want to see a herniation of 5mm or larger... where to buy viagra in san francisco Imho that is not the problem, it is the width not the length that makes the difference.... The best way i have to describe this  is for u to consider the skull where the herniation or low lying tonsil are to be like a funnel.... If the tonsils were very long many drs get concerned, but consider this- if they are long, and thin like shoe string licorice u could hang some down the funnel and it would not obstruct the flow of fluids..... But, change that to a upside down gumdrop, which may not hang down into the funnel, but it will cork up the opening and cause an obstruction..... Only the drs that deal with chiari on a regular daily basis r aware how  chiari can affect us with minimal herniation......    "selma" reply sassy123111   dec 20, 2011 i was just talking to a chiari  nurse at a neurosurgeons office, and she said that my daughters borderline chiari will not change. It won't get worse, or better. Basically it will stay the same. Is this true? viagra buy japan Also that her seizures have nothing to do with the chiari. uk suppliers of generic viagra She only has seizures when she hits the back of  her head. legal buy viagra online ireland So confused.... Reply selmas   dec 20, 2011 to: sassy123111 hi... What do u mean a chiari nurse?..... Chiari can change, there h.