British broadcasting corporation home accessibility links skip to content skip to local navigation skip to bbc. buy viagra online Co. Uk navigation skip to bbc. Co. Uk search help accessibility help health home physical health emotional health treatments tools support torticollis torticollis is a form of dystonia that leads to a painful muscle spasm in the neck. Dr jeni worden last medically reviewed this article in february 2010. generic viagra canada On this page what is torticollis? Torticollis causes torticollis treatments page options print this page what is torticollis? can use viagra premature ejaculation Torticollis occurs when muscle spasm in the neck causes the head to twist and be pulled over to one side. is it safe to buy generic viagra online It’s sometimes called 'wry neck', but in medical terms it’s known as a type of dystonia or abnormal tone in the muscles. Top torticollis causes in adults, torticollis is most often caused by sleeping in an awkward position or by an injury to the neck muscles. When this happens the side of the neck feels painful and is stiff because the muscles are in spasm. generic viagra online It usually recovers within a few days. viagra without a doctor prescription However there's another form of torticollis called spasmodic torticollis, which comes on much more gradually. It's not clear what causes this but there's often a family history suggesting that genetics plays a part, and it may be due to problems with the brain's control of posture. best generic viagra online At first the affected person may simply notice that their head is turning outside of their control, when trying to read or write for example. If they try to fight it they may develop a shaking or tremor of the head. Gradually the problem gets worse, especially when the person is stressed, although for some it remains mild. is it safe to buy generic viagra online This type of torticollis tends to develop in middle age and can continue for months or years. viagra women happens s3 Some of those affected also have spasm of the muscles controlling the eyelids (blepharospasm) and the vocal cords (spasmodic dysphonia). should take 50 100 mg viagra Certain medications, particularly some anti-psychotic drugs used for psychiatric conditions, can also cause torticollis or dystonia. The street drugs amphetamine and cocaine can also cause the condition. Torticollis can also develop in young babies and children. In such cases, it's believed to result from damage to the neck muscles during birth. The problem is usually first noticed between six months and three years of age. Development of the face on the affected side may also be delayed, giving the face an asymmetric app. cheap viagra online