It's difficult to have intercourse. I also have feelings of inadequacy when it comes to intimacy. I'm 40 now, and not much has changed. I also have that feeling of being "mangled". I never had surgery to remove my reproductive organs, but the radiation did so much damage that it's impossible to have a normal sex life. viagra pills I think you should rethink your idea of it being just skin. viagra no prescription Our sex makes up so much of who we are and how we think others perceive us. viagra generic 2011 It is very devastating and a big part of yourself. I hope someday for corrective surgery, but i don't know if that will happen. In the meantime, i too continue to be frustrated and disappointed and scared. Kim login or register to post comments funbeadgirl posts: 94 joined: jan 2009 thu, 07/29/2010 - 2:25pm hope for you dear kim, i am so sorry for what you have had to go through at such a young age, i am 57 and have gone through a radical vulvectomy (jan 09) for vulvar adenocarcinoma,which put me in instant menopause (i had not started that yet), and radiation, so i do know where you are coming from. I will give you a little perspective and a suggestion. cheapest viagra prices First of all, let me say that how you feel is how you feel and no one should minimize that and secondly, there is help available to make your intimacy issues better. viagra generic I did not have any body image issues per se, but have had issues with the fact my life will never be the same... In the sense that every little health issue seems to go back to the cancer and i feel as if i can't get past it. viagra femenino natural en argentina I was also diagnosed with a second unrelated cancer 3 months after i finished my radiation for the vulvar cancer, so i had a double whammy: 2 surgeries and 2 treatments. viagra samples What i learned about myself is that i am strong and resilient. viagra canada I made a conscious decision to hit my illnesses head on and be positive about it, as a result i did lots or research, asked lots of questions and searched out a resolution to my physical issue with intimacy(i am older, but not dead, and i wasn't about to give 'it' up). I was referred to. donde puedo comprar viagra generico mexico